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Top 5 File Sharing Android App!

Do you have a smartphone? Yay! What a silly question, Nowadays everyone has a smartphone. Are you using Bluetooth to share files? Now it’s a good question. Because if you are using Bluetooth as a file sharing medium, then you are not updated. There are many applications here that used as a file or data sharing the medium. Those application using WiFi technology to transfer a file at lightning speed.

Bluetooth consumes more time, Data transfer using USB is not a good option but sending data using WiFi is a smart idea. Also, it took fractions of seconds to deliver a large file. There are many applications available but which are the best among them? Here, will cover Top 5 file sharing Andriod app, that is best of all and easy to use.

Top 5 File Sharing Android App!

#1 Xender –  Faster Mobile File Transfer App!

Xender is one of the best and fastest file transfer application. It’s available in Google Play, Apple App Store & in Window store for entirely free of cost. One can use Xender to share a file from Phone to Phone, Computer to Phone and It’s vice versa. This application uses your WiFi feature to send or receive any data.

What makes Xender Special? 

  • There is no need for USB or internet connection; It can be performed in utterly offline mode.
  • It can transfer any file, i.e., MP4, MP3, PDF, APK, etc.
  • The speed or transferring is quite impressive.
  • Using this app, you can share with multiple users at once.
  • It’s support file sharing between Andrion to iOs.

#2 SuperBeam – Super-Charged File Transfer!

SuperBeam is another application that supports wireless data transfer via WiFi medium at the fastest speed. As like Xander, it’s also available on Google Play, Apple App Store & also available for PC. SuperBeam can connect any device using NFC, QR codes or standard codes. In this application, you can choose your theme.

What makes SuperBeam Special? 

  • Using SuperBeam, you will experience the faster speed of files transfer by WiFi direct.
  • This application allows to pair device using NFS and QR codes.
  • SuperBeam allows sharing vast types of files, i.e., MP3, MP4, Zip &, etc.
  • It allows to save or delete the transfer details.
  • This application has an attractive modern material design user interface.

#3 Zapya – The world’s fastest file transfer tool for near-field communication!

Sharing a file or a document never been too easy. After introducing Zapya APK, it’s too easy now, and its speed of transfer data can make you astonished. You can download Zapya from Google Play for Android. It’s also available for iOS, Windows PC/Phone, and Mac OS X. It allows group was transferring at lightning speed.

What makes Zapya Special? 

  • In Zapya you can directly and safely take backups of your valuable data.
  • Zapya is available for multiple OS platforms.
  • Zapya allows sharing the file to multiple users by creating a group.
  • It doesn’t need your cellular data.
  • No limitations on data sharing.
  • It can transfer any file, i.e., MP4, MP3, PDF, APK, etc.

#4 SHAREit – The world’s preferred app for cross-platform sharing.

SHAREit known initially as Lenovo Shareit is one of the best cross-platform sharing application.  It’s available on Google Play, iOS, Windows PC/Phone.

What makes SHAREit Special? 

  • Shareit allows you to transfer all kind of files.
  • Shareit can transfer any file at more than 2oo times more speed than Bluetooth.
  • No USB, No cellular data needed.
  • You can directly control your PPT with your mobile using Shareit.
  • Used by 300+ million users around the world.

#5 HitcherChat – WiFi Direct Share.

Like other file sharing application HitcherChat is also uses WiFi direct to share data among to paired device. HitcherChat is also available for Android, and you can get it on Google Play. The best thing is once you paired with any device, the app will save another device in HitcherNet. So no need to match again.

What makes HitcherChat Special? 

  • Share any video with hasslefree complications of pairing.
  • HitcherNet allows file sharing between two devices with more than 50mb/sec speed.
  • No Data charge & No USB.
  • It also comes with an integrated file management system so no need for any 3rd app.
  • Share multiple files at once.

Conclusion !! 

These were the top 5 file sharing Android app. These apps use WiFi to share files. Another thing is these apps eliminate Bluetooth and USB file sharing methods entirely. All the listed application are free for use and available in Google Play. Hope you liked the collection and you will use them too.