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Clash Of Clans

Best Games like Clash Of Clans You can Download

The Clash of Clans is among the most popular games in the gaming history. This game is simple enough in which you have to build a kingdom. The clash of games offers to defend itself against the online opponents. Even it also offers to attack theother online opponents so that you can save your kingdom by loot.

The game is very interesting and if you have get bored by playing the same game again and again and if you are interested or want to try something new but similar game like clash of clans then I am going to tell youabout some of best the games like COC.

If you want to know about some of the other games which are just likeC.O.Cbut which are slightly different when it comes to style thenyou are absolutely in right place.

List of clash of clans alternative games:

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Call of Duty: Heroes

This Heroes call of duty is a standard and quite similar game of Clash of Clans.It has the duplication oftheme of a Call of Duty which is fairly similar. The game will offer you an outpost in whichyour job will be to turn that outpost into something better.

If you want then you will also able to control many heroes there. This game offers you to control the heroes through the Call of Duty themes. Even it also allows you to unlock its more abilities by leveling them.

This game comes fully complete with the clans which are known as alliances. If you want then you can also donate some chats and troops. It alsoprovides different modes such as survival mode, campaign mode, and PvP.

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Battle Dragon

The Battle Dragon is one of the gameslike COC in which you will need to control the dragons which you cantrain and raise. If you want then you can even use them in battles against enemies.

Here you will need to access nearly 10 different dragons.The dragons in this game have different abilities. Each dragon of the game isdifferent because of its own and unique abilities which can help in battles to fight against all the enemies.

You will just need to upgrade the dragons to get more modern versions so that they will able to destroy everything which will comes in their paths to get glory. You will have to manage all the provided resources wisely. This game is about destroying enemies while you are protecting kingdom with defenses.


Castle clash age of legends

The Castle clash age of Legends is one of the best and popular games like the Clash of Clans which has more than 50 million installs till date on Android devices. With the help of this game you will able to build a village and you can defend it. You will also able to fight with opponents.

This game also offers you to fight and increase your level up with the heroes. You can battle the heroes against the other heroes. You can also play and cope with the Team Dungeons. This game is fully free to play unlike the other games. It is wonderful game which is al rounded.

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Jungle heat

This is one of the best online games which is Clash of clans alternative. It is a platform which lets you to create the military base &even you will be able to defend with the armored heavily troops. It will offer you opportunity to build the fortress. You have to make sure your military base is well defended against the enemies.

You can also able to build your troops and you can even upgrade them so that you can destroy the bases of your enemy. This game has been set in the lush of jungle where you will be able to build the military base. You can also train army to loot the resources from your enemies. You can use your loot resources to upgrade the defenses.

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Clash of kings

The Clash of Kings is aone of the multiplayer online game which is likeCOC. This game offers opportunities of real time strategy in which you can play game against the other players through online battles.

The graphics of the Clash of Kings game are amazing and mind blowing. Everything of this game looks awesome and attractive. To play this game is really fun.

You will be able to raise your army. If you want then you can join forces of other kingsas well and if you want then you can betray them. The choice is yours and everything will depend upon you that how you want to play your game. You will just need to Build your troops and then upgrade them so that you can keep your enemies far away. If you want then with an iron fist you can also rule your kingdom so that you will be able to break your enemies in half.

The Seigefall

The Seigefall is a new game which is a game similar to clash of clans. This is a kingdombuilder game which is out of the game loft. This game is quite similar to COC in which you have to build kingdoms by mechanics of card.

In this game you will be able to train troops and level up the heroes. You will be able to build up all your base of the game. It will offer youpower and spell in the form of cards and then you can able to do anything from it.

You can also use a healing spell to summon the dragon. The graphics of this game is pretty good and it has adds new content as well with quite new frequent updates.


These are the list of best games like clash of clans which you can play on your android devices. Apart from these you can also try download brawl stars game If you want then you can try any of these games to enjoy new style and themes.This will be perfect choice for you if you have get bored by playing the same game and if you are interested or want to try something new.